Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In which I give a TAB the stink-eye

So I get to the post office today, and there's a sporty little silver Mercedes Benz parked with one wheel in the handicapped slot.

This pisses me off.

So I very carefully park my boat smack dab in the middle of the handicapped space, perfectly aligned, perfectly centered. I look out through the passenger window and can see that if the MB owner is more than three inches wide, s/he is not going to be able to get back in hir car without serious difficulty. Good.

Just as I'm preparing to exit my vehicle, here she comes. She looks pointedly at the three-inch gap between our cars--and then gives me the stink-eye!

Nice Southern girl that I am, I get back in my car, pull out so she can get in her car and leave, and then repark myself.

Does she thank me? No.

Does she apologize? No.


She needs to remember that her able-bodied status is temporary and that she, too, could need a handicap spot one day. When she does, I hope that at least once she will find some selfish, inconsiderate person blocking it. And unfortunately, because people like her are everywhere, she probably will.

At least once.


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